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2x Blue Dogobie Dog Flying Disc Toy 8 XEKLKQAOK



Availability: In Stock

Description The Aerobie Dogobie flying disc's flexible but tear and puncture resistant material is gentle on your dog's mouth and teeth but sturdy enough to endure fetch after fetch. With its patented spoiler rim design, the Dogobie disc is made for long, stable flights even when thrown by a beginner. Size: 8 inch diameter Available in Blue, one of the two colors seen by dogs. (Dogs see other colors as shades of gray.) U.S.A quality made. Long, Accurate Flights - from the makers of the Guinness World Record setting Aerobie flying rings and discs. Soft, Gentle on your dog's mouth and teeth Flexible, easy for your dog to catch and pick up Extremely Durable - specially formulated material that is resilient and touch without being hard Note: The transparentness changes at manufacturers discretion. The dogobie changes from an opaque frisbee to slightly translucent.2 pcs

2x Blue Dogobie Dog Flying Disc Toy 8 d859

2x Blue Dogobie Dog Flying Disc Toy 8 XEKLKQAOK

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