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2018 SmartPro Spin Broom Lightweight Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces PCUUOHINO



Availability: In Stock

THE NO. 1 ASSISTANCE FOR HOUSEHOLD ACCESSORY - Forget about vacuum cleaners, power cords, and batteries. These wonderful SmartPro Spin Broom will help you keep your flat, hardwood, or tiled floors (not recommended for carpet) perfectly clean, without the need for any kind of power source! Dust, hair, debris - nothing stands in the way of their 3 rotating brushes! GREAT FUNCTION & OUTSTANDING DESIGN - If you've ever used a rotary brush manual sweeping broom similar product in the past, you'll be wowed by how improved SmartPro Auto push broom designs are. No more loud noises, faulty dust disposal doors and shooting debris back out. When it comes to automatic push dust sweepers. WASHABLE, REUSABLE CLEANING PADS - To improve your cleaning experience even further, these automatic hand push sweeper brooms come with reusable dust pan pads. Not only do they attract dust like a magnet and clean wet messes in seconds, they are also very easy to clean. Just remove them, wash them, and reattach them using the extra strong DELUXE QUALITY CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS - When it comes to our SmartPro automatic hand push sweeper brooms, we make a point of using nothing but the finest aluminum parts and plastic materials available, as well as cutting-edge production processes and strict quality control. Sturdy, lightweight, and practical, these sweepers will last you for years to come!

Cleaning, Dusting & Sweeping Has Now Become A Whole Lot Easier - Starting Today!

Do you find that conventional brooms and dust sweepers make cleaning your home or office needlessly difficult - especially the corners and hard-to-get-to spaces

Aren't you sick and tired of expensive vacuum cleaners that, not only are way too loud, they also end up doing a poor cleaning job

If that's the case, then this SmartPro Spin Broom will be a nice surprise for you; it's exactly what you've been looking for!

Perfectly Clean & Polished Floors, With Absolutely No Need For Cords, Batteries, Or Power Sources!

By just pushing your sweeper broom around, you can easily rid your floors of dust, hair, and debris - all without any noise, cords, or need for electrical power sources!

Its three spinning brushes grab debris and dust like a dust pan, safely depositing it in the dust bin!

360 Degree Free Swivel Adjustable Handle & Smart Dust Disposal

You can officially kiss hard-to-reach corners and spots goodbye; the sweeper's freely swiveling and rotating adjustable length handle makes cleaning even these a piece of cake!

What's more, emptying the sweeper's dust bin is also easier than ever. Just release the strong magnet latches that hold the dust pan, and you can empty the bin from all debris and garbage it in just a couple of seconds!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For

Order Your Very Own SmartPro Spin Broom Today!

Just Click Add To Cart!

2018 SmartPro Spin Broom Lightweight Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces PCUUOHINO

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