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12 Pack KMR Milk Replacer Liquid for Kittens Size 8 Ounce DJNAORPOI



Availability: In Stock

(12 Pack) KMR Milk Replacer Liquid for Kittens Size 8 OunceThe Number 1 selling kitten milk replacer.Provides necessary vitamins and minerals promoting proper growth and developmentReady-to-feed liquid is similar to queen's milk in protein, fat, and carbohydrates.Easy to digest, highly palatable, sterile with NO preservatives or artificial flavors.

KMR Liquid Milk Replacer from PetAg is recommended as a complete food source for orphaned or rejected kittens, or those nursing but needing supplemental feeding. KMR is a complete diet fortified with vitamins & minerals to ensure proper growth & development. KMR formula closely matches queen's milk in protein & energy and also contains much needed taurine. Note: All kittens should receive the queen's milk for at least 2 days (if possible). The colostrum milk gives extra nutrition and temporary immunity against some diseases. Feed at room or body temperature. Kittens's needs will vary and the amount may have to be increased or decreased depending on the individual. Small or weak kittens may need to be fed KMR liquid every 3 to 4 hours, while larger kittens will do well when fed every 8 hours. Weigh kittens daily to assure adequate feeding. Also recommended for growing kittens or adult cats that may be stressed or convalescing and require a source of highly digestible nutrients. Consult your veterinarian for additional advice. Not for human consumption. Made in the USA.

12 Pack KMR Milk Replacer Liquid for Kittens Size 8 Ounce DJNAORPOI

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