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12 Oz. White Disposable Drink Foam Cups Hot and Cold Coffee Cup Pack of 48 QZKCZTXLI



Availability: In Stock

STOCK UP WITH A BULK PACK OF SUPER DURABLE HOT CUPS – Order this bulk pack 48 foam drinking cups for the kitchen in your office or teachers room coffee station! Strong, insulated Styrofoam means tired teachers or grumpy office workers can have a steaming hot cup of coffee without experiencing spills, leaks or soggy paper cups. EASY TO HOLD, PREVENTS HEAT OR COLD BURNS – Yes people, these sturdy disposable coffee foam cups feel nice and smooth in your hands. Enjoy that warm feeling of holding a nice hot cup of tea on a winters day. Or in the summer use these 12 oz cups for some chilly slush or to serve a few scoops of ice cream or iced coffee. KEEPS YOUR DRINKS PERFECT TEMPRATURE FOR LONGER – The polystyrene cups are made of insulated styrofoam that keeps drinks at proper serving temperature for longer. These heavy duty disposable cups reduce the need for cup sleeves or double cupping. The fill line provides a nice reference for serving and avoids over filling. USE IT FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS – These are not just for drinking out of! They make excellent cups for using in science class, STEM class or keeping your kids busy. Use for science projects, kids crafting activities or get your kids stacking the cups as fast as they can into pyramids. They will have a blast knocking them down and starting again. BUY YOURSELF TIME WITH DISPOSABLE CUPS – Who has time to wash up their coffee mugs at work Or load and unload the dishwasher. We make your life simple – just take a hot coffee cup or (hot tea cup for those who drink tea), drink your desired beverage and throw in the trash. Voila.

There is nothing like a hot cuppa’ Joe to wake you up in the morning, and there’s nothing like drinking it out of a Styrofoam cup you don’t have to wash!

-Do you get annoyed at work when you find dirty glass cups in the sink
-Or perhaps you are a parent of teenage children who can’t seem to clean up after themselves

Make your life simple and stress-free by investing in a large pack of disposable hot beverage cups.

Not only do these foam cups keep beverages at their proper serving temperature on the inside, they also keep hands comfortable on the outside.
These disposable coffee cups keep drinks hot and make it easy to enjoy beverages on the go.

General Features and Specifications: Pack of 48: Ideal for small offices, families or teacher’s rooms.

12 oz cup: If you hate those tiny 8 oz cups where your drink is finished in 2 seconds,
but don’t want a gigantic 16 oz cup of coffee, these twelve oz are just the right size.

Great for Trips: If you have a hunting cabin, summer home or camper van these cups are great to have around.

Insulated Styrofoam: These are not thermally insulated but, will keep your beverage hot for long periods of time.

Great for Events: Birthday parties, luncheons, dinners, or any other party could always do with some hot cups for the hot drink people in the room (i.e grandparents)

Use on the Go: Run out the door with a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, they fit in most car cup holders, and wont spill if filled below the fil line.

Ideal for: coffee, soft drinks, shakes, juice, tea, soups, ice cream, snacks, or water.

Keep the Kids Busy: they say getting kids to stack cups is part of STEM development. Let your kids have fun while developing their brains too!

Warning: Do not microwave or put in the dishwasher or ingest.
Make sure kids/babies or toddlers do not bite or eat any part of these cups.

12 Oz. White Disposable Drink Foam Cups Hot and Cold Coffee Cup Pack of 48 QZKCZTXLI

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