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1 & 1.5 Wide Dallas Cowboys Side Release Dog Collar HXOVCDDIS



Availability: In Stock

1 & 1.5 inch Wide Side Release Dog CollarAdjustableSide Release Collars are often referred to as a Humane or Soft Choke Collar.Side Release feature a side opening design that works by being tight around your dog's neck whenever it tries to remove it's head from the collarMade with Nickel Plated Hardware. Heavy Duty PolyPro Webbing. Fabric Cotton Covered. Side Release Buckle Material is Acetal. Acetal Resins are among the strongest and stiffest of all Thermoplastics.

The Side Release Buckles Collars are designed for, all Dogs. Side Release Buckles a primarily used for walking your dog. The Industry recommends that you do not leave your dog unattended while wearing a Side Release Buckle. Side Release Buckles should not be used on a Extend-A-leash or Dog Run.

1 & 1.5 Wide Dallas Cowboys Side Release Dog Collar HXOVCDDIS

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